Goalkeeper Training

The goalkeeper training  consist of a demanding training session that will challenge all goalkeepers. The curriculum is designed to accommodate the recreational, the club, and the high school goalkeeper alike to improve technique, fitness, and decision-making.

Our mission is to provide an environment where committed goalkeepers from 8 to 15 years old can develop a working understanding of the position. All goalkeepers who attend will learn their physical strengths and what role these play in their game.

Here is the breakdown of the curriculum:

  • Footwork and Stance/Catching

  • Techniques, Angle Play, and Positioning

  • Flexibility and Strength Exercises

  • Dealing with Crosses

  • Break-A-Ways

  • Distribution: Passing, Catching, and Throwing

  • Free Kick Situations

  • Diving Techniques and Deflecting

  • Shooting

  • Punting and Goal Kicks

  • Goalkeeper Games


  • Boys  8 t 15 years old 

  • Coach: Ernesto De La O

  • Contact: edelaosoccer@aol.com - Tel 310-895-5237

Times & Locations: