Players develop technically, tactically and as people.

We welcome children from all different backgrounds and cultures, uniting them in the same dream: to become better soccer players and people for the future, together.

The vision of Atletico Southern California (ASC) is to develop each and every player's skills, technically and tactically. Thereby greatly increasing each player's understanding of their roll on the soccer field. ASC strongly believes that, in addition to providing an environment for physical and emotional growth, soccer offers almost unlimited opportunities for young players to learn valuable life lessons such as overcoming challenges, working towards a common goal, and exercising leadership when appropriate. In short, our club program is geared towards equipping our players with a skill set that will positively prepare them for the rest of their lives.

The ASC philosophy is founded on the "whole person" approach: we recognize that improving a player's physical and technical development must go hand in hand with the advancement of each player's maturity, and emotional and psychological well-being. To this end, all of our ASC Programs will focus on four key target areas: motor skills, cognitive skills, personal skills, and social skills.

Motor Skills

Motor skills deal with each player’s technical and tactical ability, focusing on kicking, dribbling, passing, heading, and tackling. Speed, strength, endurance, and flexibility are vital elements of these skills.

Cognitive Skills

Cognitive skills include qualities such as intuition, memory, concentration, and decision making. Strategies for developing self-expression, creativity, and imagination underpin this aspect of our training.

Personal Skills

Personal skills help players foster techniques for controlling their emotions or for regaining self-control. Through personal skills sessions, we seek to foment motivation, self-esteem and, autonomy.

Social Skills

Social skills help players learn how to work together in groups and teams. We emphasize respect for the rules and others' decisions. Collaboration is a core part of these sessions. ASC will therefore encourage all children to aim high with their soccer ambitions, and will utilize sport as a means of improving each player's mental and physical health.

The Programs are designed for 10 months intervals. ASC gives our players the chance to become serious players on the world stage in their adult lives. It is thus important for our players to accustom to what is normal practice at all European clubs from an early age. ASC assess its players on a regular basis through regular physical tests targeting speed, agility and strength, as well as formal discussions with our players prompting self-evaluation and discovering areas for improvement.

ASC evaluates each athlete at the important phases of his or her growth. Each individual’s progress is recorded and provides essential information to the coaches to customize their training sessions to their specific needs. Overseas experience for upcoming players invaluably underlines the emphasis ASC places on developing the whole person rather than just the player. Our professional approach to this field provides the ideal environment for preparing our players for the challenges that they will inevitably face with greater confidence in their adult lives.

Below is an example of the objectives the players at Atletico follow on a monthly basis. These monthly cycles are essential for age appropriate development. As players grow in our system, the objectives, level of difficulty, and sophistication of the monthly training will increase.


Click here to download the Cal South Codes of Conduct. [acm-download]